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My Ojipockle!

Japanese fairy baby, what a great time to be alive! Today, you can raise your VERY OWN Ojipockle! Just goto Google Play store and engage in your weird kinks ...

Oji-old man?- Ojipockle

this is stan sleeping.

This is Stan, my Ojipockle. He is sleeping.

Android App「Finding Ojipockle!」

You can also meet this little bitty man! Healing with the “Ojipockle” fairies. It's a little bitty man collecting game! Run! Climb! Sleep! Dance! You can relax just by ...

Finding Ojipockle! - Gameplay (Android)

Ojipockle and SimSimi!!

Check out DEBO: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAMyEUDe3DM9ZKf7VdvyJKw.

Nrrdeh plays Ojipockle

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